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Starbound Serenity is an Roleplay Community


If you are a Mature Player that is 18+ Years or older that also prefers a heavy RP environment, this server is for you!

Functional Mod Pack - We're a private, non-profit server with a private modpack bundle that features many of the more impressive and popular mods of the starbound mainsite; here at Serenity our community has specialy selected our pack to enhance the vanilla game and your Roleplay Experience!

Protected Server - We have painstakingly taken steps to make sure that your experience here at Starbound Serenity is as pain-free as possible! From an extensive Application Process to an Approved Character Only whitelist! We are proud to say that our community has been free from troublemakers since the server went live! You will never have to worry about anyone stealing or wrecking your hard work.. and honestly the one thing we have to thank for that is our wonderful community! We may be small, but we have heart!

Rewarded Roleplay - The Server uses a form of Meta-Currency called 'Credits' that can be earned through participating in Roleplay or selling off crafted items- or even performing jobs for Player Colonies! Want to try your hand at being a Bounty Hunter and want to capture an Outlaw? It is dangerous work.. but the pay is glorious- not to mention the reputation! In the end the more active your Character is in the Server, the more credits you can collect to purchase upgrades, unobtainable vanity items (such as Developer Clothing) and even Black Market Items for Roleplay use!

Colonies to Explore and Build! - Builders that love to create amazing structures will benefit from our extensive Mod Pack! We have tons of new materials that may be easily accessed or purchased via credits! Do you want to band together with a group of Players and build a Colony? It can be done! Want to spend time building an NPC Colony? You can do that too! Staff is always looking for proactive builders! Make a mark on the Server by becoming the reason why your build is the most roleplay centric feature in the 'verse!

Character Sheets and Dice! - We have all seen it.. a great Roleplay is suddenly ruined because someone does not want to lose or another person sweeps in with thousands of soldiers that are all outfitted with Impervium Armor and Anti-Matter Weaponry.. am I right? Here there will be no such thing! We have a D&D'esque Character Sheet System that has been extensively tested by the Community and balanced several times to be the most fair system! Even Big Damn Heroes can be undone by Greenhorns! In the end, you can be strong, but not stronger than anyone else.. however you should be warned..! Just because you are the Biggest Damn Hero/Villain.. does not mean there isn't a bigger fish out there...

Rich Lore and Story Arcs - We are proud to call every Roleplay Enforcer [RPE] Staffer on this Server an accomplished Roleplayer! Weaving the lore of Firefly/Serenity into Starbound with ease, and creating new lore and facets for custom and existing races.. you will get lost in the depth and complexity of it all. Just because there is a small post on our forum regarding a race's faction does not mean there is not more that is lurking beyond the facade..! Become a part of the Server's on-going Continuity! Become a renowned Hero or epic Villain! In the end.. the actions of your Character will help shape the 'verse and play an integral part in the Server's Development!

Come! Be a part of an on-going community of Roleplayers that has been together for two years now and counting!

See you in the 'verse, Starbounder!

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