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This forum contains dates and times for all upcoming roleplay events! If you are a player wishing to host an event, you may post here as well!
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Information about officially registered player and NPC colonies can be found here!
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By Bertrand Spark Feb 11, 19
Here you can form a crew and search for work (in the form of closed events) in specific areas
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By Icey Makai Dec 22, 18
This is where you can document your travels! These are considered IC logs that no one else has access. It's considered good form to read other players' logs simply to get a better understanding of why a character is how they are- but remember! Using that information IC results in meta-gaming.
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By Mallory Anne ` 3 mins ago
New characters should have their sheets posted in the Rank 1 Section! Check the sub-boards for a tutorial on how to create a character sheet. If your sheet is found to have errors we will contact you. Approved sheets will be locked to prevent editing.
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By [Donor] Hondar-Ol ` Sat at 06:19 am
The Cortex (IC Database)
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The Cortex - Inter-stellar Communications Grid is ONLINE.
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By [Assist] Amorette Feb 2, 18
Lookin' fer' a job? Ya'll come t' the right place then! Jobs live here! Git' you one!
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By Mallory Anne ` Tue at 09:50 am
Your number one source for all galactic news! Get the latest trustworthy and honest stories from all around the universe!
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By [Assist] Degtyarev Jan 25, 19
The galactic forum for buying, selling, and trading goods and services on the open market.
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By Dawn Feb 14, 19
Those branded for war crimes, terrorism, treason and other various other illegal activities.
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By [Admin] Zenith ` Thu at 05:32 pm
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A section for Established Lore for the Serenity Server.
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By [Admin] Zenith ` Jan 11, 19
Human Factions
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By [Admin] Zenith ` Jun 21, 17
Apex Factions
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By Zeke Ornes Feb 9, 17
Glitch Factions
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By [Bacon] Betato Apr 25, 14
Avian Factions
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By [Admin] Ryan Connaway `` Apr 1, 15
Floran Factions
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By [Admin] Zenith ` Oct 4, 16
Hylotl Factions
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By Harper Mar 7, 14
Novakid Factions
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By [Admin] Zenith ` Jun 21, 17
Avali Factions and Lore
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By Kuno Frostlance Oct 30, 15
Peglaci Factions
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By [Admin] Zenith ` Jan 29, 18
Groups that are ether not quite as large as a faction or mixed raced factions.
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By [Bacon] Betato Jan 2, 15
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For OOC discussion of any topics related to Starbound and Serenity. Please, do not post any IC information here.
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By Aquandeu Mon at 11:02 pm
Any suggestions for the website, chatroom, Teamspeak, or Serenity? Post them here!
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By Mallory Anne ` Mon at 03:03 pm
For OOC topics that are unrelated to Starbound or Serenity.
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