The following logs would be entered in Amber's main server, likely connecting to many different devices she has.


Entry 1 = Designation 'White Sun'

"Hah... White Sun... I sound like someone from the USCM..."

*Sighs softly*

"Oh who am I kidding, it suits me. No matter how much I wish it did not. AAAAAnyways, back to it. Pam, could you set up a new file system with the same designation on the drive marked 'Ambers Naughty Stash'... certainly no one will look at a file like that."

*A feminine voice perks up in the background of the recording*

"New file successfully created. Current storage capacity is... 100 Terabytes. Current used storage is... 27 kilobytes."

"Thanks Pam.. now, Start recording. I have spent quite a bit of time running the numbers through my computer... Yet again I come to the same conclusion. The is no viable way to use a small star as a power-cell for a ship... The power required to generate the gravitation field capable of moving a star... would be much more than even our most efficient power generation systems. Hm... I wonder. Could you both harness the starts generation potential and contain it at the same time? Let the star generate its own force field... Gah.. I will need to find a physicist, I am however working on an algorithm to work through a multitude of ideas at once... maybe then I will find something that could work, but first I need ides that actually make sense. Hmmm....

*A few moments of silence pass before it is broken*

"Pam, stop recording and save to the file you just created.

"Recording has been saved as 'Voice Recording 01'"

"Thanks Pam. Uuuuugh, why do boys have to be so stupid... Who says they love you after one night together? That just seems like a red flag... And then they call me a whore for actually falling for someone else? Who happens to be their friend... I do not get it. Hayden is just... honestly the best person I have ever known.

I dont really know how to explain it, but I guess I just feel at ease when he is near. It is like... it is like I am the line of code and he is the semi-colon that I forgot to add... but when I add it I just feel good. Lately because of what has happened I feel as though Hayden might actually be getting more distant? He told me he does not care about the past... but if they were friends... certainly Ulys' word must hold some weight to him. I hope that is not the case, I hate being alone; it just adds boosters to my already rolling cart to insanity!.... KIdding...

I think everything will be alright. Things have a way of working themselves out.... even in ways you do not expect.

The log ends here.