Lucille Knight, head of the Return to Normalcy movement, a Human-Faunis coalition urging the end of martial law and a democratic government reform, called out the space-farers often referred to as "Starbound" in a speech on Monday. Knight accused the older among the Starbound of abandoning their people after Earthfall, and accused the younger generation of post-Earthfall Starbound of complacency and indoctrination. {See our article on what researcher are calling "The Lost Generation"}

In recent months, Knight has been stirring up frenzied crowds in the Core, with frequent protests and demonstrations, all nonviolent so far. Despite butting heads with USCM officials multiple times, the USCM has offered no official response to any of Knight's accusations, and has dismissed all petitions she and her supporters have filed.

Knight's detractors have accused her of Browncoat association, which Knight firmly denies. In fact, Knight has, in the past, come out against Browncoats for the same abandonment of humanity that she has now leveled against the Starbound.

Spoiler: Clipped Speech VideoShow