The USCM and Peacekeepers both received a tip off from an anonymous source to a black market hub bordering the rim, close to the fringe. The 'Blue Mesa market' was encouraging and supporting many illegal activities such as trafficking involving most common races and unlicensed weapons trade, and was very recently attacked by a fleet of unknown affiliation. The USCM and Peacekeepers have arrested several hundred individuals with the USCM calling upon the Faunis Union to provide humanitarian relief for the mass of victims that have suffered through trafficking.

The attack on the market is believed to have stemmed from a riot against the unknown faction, which began as a street brawl between two supposedly human individuals in the streets.
//Two images are shown. One of a human mans face and upper torso. Though he doesnt seem quite human, with a significant tear in his shoulder that reveals both blood and sparking circuitry. He holds an odd coloured weapon which looks almost like shifting energy, caught between one state and another. IT's colour is indeterminable, otherworldly. Another is of a large butch woman wearing black armor and a mask which covers the neck and face, but lets purple hair flow free from the back of her head. She holds a long polearm weapon, with a curved blade and characters not of any common language etched in to the side.//
The USCM and Peacekeepers ask that anybody with knowledge regarding the two come forward.

They also ask anyone with information regarding the unaffiliated ships come forth also.
//An image pointing up at ships in the sky. Some are long and cylindrical, others flat and wide with clear insignia showing a purple knife piercing a red skull, cracking it in two places. Above those is a much more massive ship, long and thick, built partially in to an asteroid.//

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