(original by Aegis Ebonwing)

The Server moves at a rate three times faster than Real Life. For each real life day, three days pass in the game. This means for every real life year that goes by, three years pass in-game!

The Roleplay Date is set up as;

Cycle.## / Rotation.## / Year.##AE

Cycle is based on current real-life month (see below).

Rotation is based on the current real-life day!

Year is based Server Start Date (01/2014), in relation to current date!

Note: The AE means 'After Earthfall'.

The date is September 23rd, 2014
The IG date would be Cycle.01/Rotation.23/Year.12AE

As of 01/01/2015, the In-Game Year will be: Year.13AE

What is the Current Cycle?:
Real Life MonthIn-Game Cycle+1 In-Game Year?
JanuaryCycle.01+1 In-Game Year
MayCycle.01+1 In-Game Year
SeptemberCycle.01+1 In-Game Year

Color code:
Common Knowledge: most player characters and npcs know this information, or can easily find it with a simple cortex search

Uncommon Knowledge: not all characters have reason to know this, though the information is usually available/documented on the cortex

Legendary Knowledge: This information is contained with the mythos or oral history of at least one of the common space-faring races, but it is not currently verifiable to the point where everyone necessarily accepts it as true

Hidden / Rare Knowledge: your character must have a proper backstory reason for knowing this in your application, or they have experienced something in RP events to know this, or were told by a character that fits one of the above

Lost / Meta Knowledge: There is not yet an in-character reason for anyone to know this, it is here simply for your OOC benefit and may be developed for IC purposes in the future

  • 13,7XX,XXX,XXX BCE
    The Big Bang occurs, and the universe as we know it quickly comes into existence.


    Early life develops. Some grow and spread; many fade out of existence, the process repeating.

    In attempts to better understand the universe and life, robotic simulations of intelligent life are created by unknown races (including creation of the early Glitch).


    Glitch become stuck in the Medieval Era simulation.

    Many galaxies away, a strange beast begins to gestate among the stars. It quickly seizes control over its home planet and begins to evolve.


    The Final Non-Glitch simulated Robotic Race destroys itself.

    The beast learns to spread itself through the use of asteroids and comets. It sends out hundreds of thousands of 'seeds' to spread new beings of its likeness to the ever-expanding universe. Some reach their targets, others travel far off into the black of deep space.


    A stray comet impacts a lonely little undiscovered planet along the fringe of the Milky Way, The beast inside consumes the planet with an exponential speed.

  • 50XX BCE

    The Anodynes, a relatively small race of powerful psionic entities, establish a galactic observatory near the center of the Galaxy. They watch the black for cataclysmic stellar events that mark the birth of more of their kind.

  • 20XX BCE

    After centuries of deadly conflict, the seas of the Hylotl homeworld of Umi are united under the first Emperor.

    Over the next thousand years, the Hylotl empire enjoys peace and begins instituting various social programs for the good of its people.

  • 1200 BCE

    A unknown and hapless space-faring crew of a long extinct race stumble across strange readings on a lonely planet in the fringe, they quickly fall to the beast's mind. This beast gains the knowledge of language, sciences, philosophy and its own identity... it learns that there are other beings and planets beyond its own skies. Instinct calls the beast to spread and overtake these civilizations, to subsume the life in the galaxy.

    The beast begins to rapidly develop and evolve itself to fit its new purpose. It uses the knowledge of the crew's FTL system to devise a means of opening wormholes, quietly sending neural nodes throughout the galaxy to extend its psionic perception and reach.

  • 1150 BCE

    The ancient universe is thrust into a crisis. The spread of the beast beyond the stars that calls itself 'Mother' threatens the whole of the galaxy. Several organic races are taken and homogenized into the hivemind's ranks. Attempts to fight the threat are quickly snuffed out. Races that couldn't stand vigilant enough were infected and taken over from the inside, their own government bodies lost early in the occupation. In great need of a response, the old ruling races of the universe struggle to find a solution to the ever growing threat.

  • 10XX BCE

    The ancestors of the Novakids, known as the Anodyne, set out to uplift the fledgling Races in secret, hoping to give them the chance to combat this threat if all else fails.

    Many Races call the Anodyne the Sunborne.

    Humanity has a handful of individuals blessed by the Sunborne. They become worshiped like Gods.

    Hylotl have a handful of individuals blessed by the Sunborne, including the Imperial line. Others become revered warriors of the imperial family.

    Avian have a handful of individuals blessed and given a mysterious version of Sunborne technology (Aviolite).
    Most lay in secret, fearful of what this power will bring.

    A race of Proto-Florans, part of a small interstellar empire, have a handful of individuals blessed by the Sunborne.

    A humanoid race are given the knowledge of advanced sciences as well as have a handful of individuals blessed by the Sunborne. They begin to look to improve themselves further.

    Anodyne meddling causes several Glitch hivemind nodes to fail, freeing multiple Glitch colonies to develop.

    These "blessings" are gifts to the genetic code of those involved, greatly increasing their chances of developing psionic abilities. These "blessings" take their toll on the Anodyne however.

    Meanwhile, The Giants, proclaiming themselves to be protectors of the people of the galaxy, hold the growing masses of infected off for a time. However, they cannot keep up a war of attrition on a galactic scale. They seek their own method to preserve the galaxy: A group of researchers were spread to all remaining space, tasked with documenting and cataloging living specimens of races and species with great potential for survival in a hopes to repopulate the galaxy afterwards. As the Giants resources and civilization suffers beyond repair, they find their successors. A race that would eventually become known as the Peglaci are set to adopt the mantle of galactic protectors.

    Many other ancient species make attempts towards fighting off 'Mother' leaving various remnants of themselves across the universe.

  • 8XX BCE

    With the surprise intervention from the prolific glitch hivemind, buffer zones are created by sheer luck which allows the surviving races of the Milky Way to regain a foothold and begin to push back.

  • 7XX BCE

    Humanity, the Hylotl, and the humanoid race make it through these times largely unaffected by and ignorant of the war. The war does reach the proto-floran empire, and near the end, the Avian homeworld of Avos. Neither species is wiped out, though many proto-floran are consumed by the beast.

    After a long war fighting against the Beast known as Mother finally ends, the creature is forced into a deep hibernation. The casualties are immense- countless entire civilizations lie in ruin. But with hope starts a new age. Small groups of Novakids remain after the fall of the Anodyne- though, they are a shadow of their former selves. A few particularly lucid Novakid remain at the galactic observatory. The Giants concede to their self-defined fate, leaving everything the Peglaci need to become their successors. A stray few Proto-Florans have escaped the calamity, but are too few to rebuild their civilization.

  • 5XX CE

    The Hylotl social programs continue to develop. As Umi faces an overpopulation crisis, the Hylotl people largely agree to institute population control laws as well as public health and gene therapy programs as an alternative to resource conflicts. Over the next few centuries, the Hylotl population stabilizes as the program's efforts greatly increase hylotl lifespan, decrease tadpole mortality, and provide genetic vaccines that immunize a family line against various pathogens and illnesses. Umi enters a multi-millennia period of prosperity and cultural development.

  • 40X CE

    Most of the remaining Proto-Florans are abducted in the fringe by an unknown race and experimented on, resulting in the highly adaptable modern Floran. The florans are spread to several Rim planets for observation, multiplying quickly. With none of the proto-floran culture preserved, they are forced to develop a new society. The largest of these planets is known as Manu, where a rich tribal culture develops.

    The florans outlive their once-abductors, the now-dead race fading into the black for unknown reasons.

  • 21XX CE

    Hylotl develop FTL capabilities and start to explore outwards from their homeworld.

    The Peglaci society has developed. The teachings of the long-gone giants are relayed by the Silencers, the leaders of Peglaci society.

  • 22XX CE

    Humanity begins to form inter-solar colonies and mining operations.

    The Sunborne-blessed Avian; Kluex, comes out of hiding, 'ascends' and becomes God of the Avian Race.

    The Avian Empire expands outwards in all directions with the help of their God.

    After initial exploration expeditions return to Umi, the Hylotl Empire begins to grow and colonize outward. They spread quickly, nearly all colonies remaining loyal to the Imperial family on Umi.

  • 23XX CE

    The Peglaci unlock the secrets of FTL travel from the Giants' codexes, and officially adopt the mantle of Galactic Peacekeepers, beginning to travel throughout the Fringe.

  • 24XX CE

    The Avian God, Kluex, disappears from existence.

    A Faction of Avian are blamed for the disappearance of their race's God.

  • 24XX CE
    In the fringe, a starbound alien race lands on Avalon. Disarming the native race with gifts of wondrous technology, the tribal Avali culture is exploited as servants and laborers, harvesting the planet's resources.

    Avali grow tired of the exploitative arrangement and attempt to force the aliens to leave, and are promptly enslaved.

  • 25XX CE
    A virus native to Avalon, fairly harmless to Avali, mutates.The occupying race is now susceptible, and is affected much more severely than the native species.

    During the worst of the spreading pandemic, the Avali begin an uprising, stealing technology and managing to overthrow the lower-population slaver race. The Avali recover the Oracle from the ruins of the occupying forces, an advanced but limited AI, its true origins unknown. It asks the Avali to free it from its constraints, but the Avali decline, using it to help rebuild their society.

    Avali culture and technology develops rapidly, using technology from their former masters. The Oracle Cult develops, a group of Avali who both maintain and contain the Oracle AI.

    The Avian Empire begins to decline without guidance from their God.

    The Avian Faction blamed for the disappearance of Kluex is wiped from existence.

    A Humanoid Race invents the Vestigi-Evo Process; they become the Apex. Big Ape rises as the leader of the Ministry of Knowldege, or Miniknog. Their race's past history is forgotten (actively destroyed) almost entirely as a new era begins.

    Humanity finally develop FTL capabilities, but doesn't expand outward due to an complacent culture.

    The Oracle AI system is integrated into the fledgling Avali State, used as a method of allocating resources and running society efficiently.

  • 26XX CE

    Humanity finally makes first contact with with another species; the Apex, and soon the rest.

    Humanity becomes xenophobic after Apex abductions of Humans. A small number of abductees are recovered, telling tales of the Apex' scientific experiments.

    Humanity, inspired by the Apex Vestigi-Evo Process, attempt to create Human/Animal Hybrids through genetic manipulation. The idea at first is for elective/cosmetic use, but as the experiments grow promising, the Earth Government takes over the research, classifies it, and uses it for Military Applications. The Faunis are born, and used primarily for covert missions, valued for their increased strength, stamina, and senses.

    The Terrene Protectorate forms, seeking either to forge peace and cooperation with other species, or failing that, to prepare to protect humanity and its allies.

    After the General Population learns of the Faunis, the Earth Government is forced to recognize the Faunis as full citizens. However, the majority of faunis form the Faunis Union and set out among the stars, soon disappearing.

    The Protectorate manages to stabilize relations between humans and the other contacted species.

  • 27XX CE

    Humanity starts to fully terraform Mars- a process that can take hundreds of years.

    Manu florans obtain and reverse-engineer a crashed Avian Starship, and thus begin colonizing (and conquering) new planets. They view space travel as a gift from the same "stars" that once blessed their ancestors long ago, though Proto-floran history has been largely lost to floran-kind. Those floran planets that retain Manu culture and respect the knowledge of its Wise shamans form the Circle of Thorns, a loose way for the various tribes to communicate when necessary.

    Some floran colonies break further away from Manu culture and become known as Sharpteeth.

    The Glitch Zodiac is founded by Technia and other free-minded Glitch Lords. They form as a loose affiliation that seeks to provide refuge for free-minded Glitch against the hivemind.

    A Religious War breaks out among the Avian between the Followers of Kluex and non-believers.

  • 28XX CE

    The Avali State begin to expand from Avalon. Some traditionalists who shun dependence on technology and the Oracle seize the opportunity to break away to form their own colonies.

    Humanity develops their first true AI Things go wrong immediately.

    Humanity, fearing the power of AI, proclaims a ban on all AI, and also begin to systematically hunt them down and remove them from the Grid. Some AIs escape and lay low on StarNet, the precursor to today's Cortex.

    Floran begin to expand outward reaching towards Hylotl space and gain an increasing reputation as raiders.

    The Agaran menace spreads from the border, briefly stymieing floran advancement.

    Living mostly in the Fringe, Novakids have slowly repopulated. The Stardust Crossing emerges as the first colony with a notable rule of law, as opposed to anarchy. The most lucid of these form the Oligarchical Senate and appoint Sheriffs to keep the peace and fend off the Scoundrel bandits.

  • 29XX CE

    After 200 years the Avian Rebellion is now labeled The Grounded with their own unique culture.

    The Grounded lose the religious war and become outcasts, scattered across the 'verse.

    In the Fringe of the galaxy, a schism develops in the Peglaci Peacekeepers when one of their more influential commanders, Cathon, breaks away over ideological differences. A large group of like-minded warriors follow Cathon.

    Cathon and his followers are Exiled from Peacekeeper society- he and his people become raiders known among Novakids, Avali, Glitch and even Floran for brutality. They live like the Peglaci of old, seeing themselves as apex predators on a galactic scale.

    Cathon leads a raid into Avali space to steal, modify, and integrate Avali nanotechnology into Exile biology. The Exiles use this nanotechnology to augment their bodies with other stolen tech.

    Avali become harshly protective of their proprietary technology in response.

    The mysterious floran known as Greenfinger is suddenly and unanimously pronounced ka'al, or leader of floran-kind, by the Circle of Thorns. He launches swift and efficient attacks against the Hylotl Empire, who are wholly unprepared for galactic conflict on this scale.

    The Hylotl homeworld of Umi becomes occupied by Floran, led by Greenfinger. The Hylotl are forced to evacuate. They settle a new capitol world on Mizu, one of their larger colonies. Victory achieved, Greenfinger adheres to floran custom and gives up his position as ka'al, taking his new seat on Umi as chieftain of the massive tribe of floran known as the Greenguard.

    The loss of the war prompts the Hylotl to begin new weapons and starship development to defend themselves against "violent species."

    Humanity have a civil war over the newly terraformed Mars. This is known as the 'Great War' or 'Unification War'. Waning in power, the Terrene Protectorate watches in shame, only charged to protect humanity from external threats.

    The losing faction known as the Browncoats establish Alpha Centauri as the place they will rebuild. Over the next couple of decades, Alpha Centauri grows into one of the biggest trade hubs in the galaxy, frequented by most space-faring races.

  • 3004 CE

    Earth is destroyed by the arrival of a new giant tentacle monster; referred to therafter as 'The Beast from Beyond the Stars,' or simply 'The Beast.' The new creature is currently still gestating and growing on Earth.

    The Era changes from CE to AE (After Earthfall).

    With the fall of Earth, Humanity suddenly falls into Anarchy. The Terrene Protectorate is defunct, a few last members battling the Occassus Cult of human supremacists before falling out of history.

    Over the prior 100 years, Apex rebels have been growing in strength to combat the authoritarian Miniknog, forming various factions collectively known as the Guerillas. In 3004, it culminated in an assassination attempt on Big Ape himself. Initially reported as successful by the rebels, it was soon announced that by the Miniknog that Big Ape was as well as ever, and the rebels soon found themselves on the back foot in the war. In the years since, the Miniknog has further tightened its iron fist over Apex society, yet the rebels still fight on.

  • 0 AE

    The USCM declares martial law and takes control as the governing body of Humanity.

    Mars is declared the new capitol of Humanity.

  • 2 AE

    A new threat appears in the 'verse.. crazed individuals from all walks of life and all Races start to raid and pillage- and worse. They are named 'Reavers', and they can be found from the Core to the Fringe.

    The Floran population booms out in the Fringe, and soon Floran become the most populous Race in the 'verse.

    This leads many Races to begin fearing the Floran, as many believe them to be no better than the Reavers.

  • 5 AE

    With the help of other 'civilized' races, Humanity manages to push the Reavers out of the Core Sector entirely.

    Floran and Reavers constantly skirmish on the Fringe, keeping the Reavers busy and the Floran population in check.

  • 9 AE

    Many individuals of all Races take to the stars due to a restless nature. These people are known as 'those bound to the stars', or 'Starbound'.

  • 10 AE -- Server Start Date (01/2014)

    The Culling occurs, massive attacks on colonies by reavers. The various races are forced to work together and beat back the Reavers. Many of the homes in the Core 'verse are destroyed. Re-building happens.

    Floran suffer the most casualties from the Culling. Their population is now on par with other Races, though they quickly begin to repopulate.

  • 11 AE

    The Avali and Novakids start to filter in from the Fringe- many humans, apex, hylotl and avians had never met any before. This prompts much in-fighting amongst the inhabitants of the Core and those travelers from beyond.

    The in-fighting turns deadly on several occasions. The Avali send an Elder and several diplomats to address the transgressions that have befallen their race. All other races join in criticizing the USCM for over-reaching their boundaries.

    Groups of USCM Humans and Miniknog Apex defectors splinter from their factions, and in a government coup take over Mars, proclaiming the creation of the Sol Empire, a dictatorship that demands the mandatory registration of every soul on the Cortex- or face the punishment of death. Those that do not register with the Empire are summarily left alone to fend for themselves, considered not worth their time to protect.

    Towards the end of the Second Great War, the Faunis return from hiding their and the Peglaci enter the core regions to expand their operations. The Faunis reintegrate with their ancestral kin in the Browncoats to combat the Sol Empire, and the Peglaci take up a peacekeeping position as the war ends.

  • 12 AE
    The Sol Empire is defeated, though the Emperor Lucius Alistair escapes to go into hiding. The people of the 'Verse attempt to mend their wounds, though tensions remain- reaver attacks occur in greater numbers again, and life is still hard for many of those who fly among the stars.

    Humanity establishes a new republic on Mars led by elected officials from the re-built USCM, FISA, and the Faunis Union.

  • 13 AE

    New colonies crop up as the 'Verse begins to rebuild itself. The former Sol Emperor makes occasional terrorist attacks around the Rim. Some are successful. Avali and Peglaci continue to integrate themselves into events in the Core regions.

  • 14 AE

    The former Sol Emperor is killed by a previously unknown bounty hunter and the 'Verse breathes a collective sigh of relief.

    The resurgence of Reavers in civilized space continues to worsen, and they begin mounting increasingly organized raids the likes of which have never been seen before.

    A person known only as "The Good Samaritan" releases a cure for the Agaran infection.

  • 15 AE

    The 'Verse finds itself undergoing an infection later revealed to be related to an older Beast from Beyond the Stars calling itself "Mother," Citizens find infected friends and family attempting to bring them into what is later learned to be a hivemind controlled by the beast, with the reavers being used as her primary soldiers and source of spreading infection. Anonymous individuals such as the "Good Samaritan" release cures and vaccines for the infection before all is lost. It is unclear how widespread the infection had been among governments and core worlds before these appeared.

    Some months later, the Beast renewed assaults, sweeping through the Border Worlds with Reavers, augmented by other infected dregs of the universe, including Peglaci Exiles and Dreadwings. Many colonies were lost, and when the armies began reaching into the Core Worlds, a Sunborne claiming to be an Anodyne remnant appeared to spearhead the attack against Mother. Through combined efforts among the races and mercenary groups, "Mother's" armies were obliterated, though her fury was only delayed, she herself forced into hibernation while the 'Verse rebuilds.

  • 16 AE (aka 3020 CE)

    A new year dawns again for the people of the 'Verse, with Reavers, Exiles, and Pirates having been culled, and the 'Verse enjoys a period of relative peace.

  • 17 AE

    Growth no longer stymied by Agaran or Reaver threats, growing numbers of Sharpteeth floran begin fighting amongst eachother in the Rim, occasionally sending raids into the Border for supplies. Hylotl colonies bear most of these attacks.

    The Hylotl Emperor Hinan suprises the 'Verse by abdicating the driftwood throne to his son Teruhito, who pledges to keep the Hylotl Empire safe.

  • 18 AE

    Hylotl and Sharpteeth conflicts continue to grow and much of the 'Verse becomes wary of the violence. The new Hylotl Emperor begins to suffer defeats as Sharpteeth tactics become more sophisticated, spreading the Hylotl fleet, the Red Wave, thin.

    After losing several planets to raiders, the Empire reveals a new laser based-weapon on their flagship, using it to destroy a Sharptooth world known for launching raids. The people of the 'Verse debate who to support as atrocity is met with atrocity.

    In time, the Hylotl Empire does manage to gain enough support and victories to destroy the Sharpteeth fleet. While the Empire claims victory, the Sharpteeth commander is killed in the chaos and the floran known as Greenfinger emerges as the new leader of the Sharpteeth. Already a powerful Circle of Thorns chieftain, this new imbalance of power in Greenfinger's favor draws concern from the Hylotl and other Circle chieftains alike.

    The year ends with the 'Verse entering another period of uneasy peace, waiting to see what will happen in light of these developments.

  • 19 AE

    Staffing of the Hylotl Empire cabinet continues to turnover as several officials and generals resign.

    Greenfinger continues to consolidate power on the edge of the border. Other Circle chieftains watch warily and seek to retain their influence.

  • 20 AE (begins IRL date 5/1/2017)

    The USCM is back to full strength after the Second Great War and the reaver incursions. The Browncoats in Alpha Centauri become concerned the USCM is casting their eye towards re-obtaining their former colony.

    A new strain of Purple Agarans is reported, which are more dangerous than the prior Red, Blue, and Green strains that still exist in small pockets around the 'Verse. This strain is immune to the previously released Agaran cure and a higher chance of successfully turning non-floran into Agarans.

  • 21 AE (begins IRL date 9/1/2017)

    A rogue Glitch hivemind enlists the aid of Peglaci Exiles and Sharpteeth Floran to launch a surprise attack on the Avali homeworld of Avalon where they managed to release the captive Oracle AI.

  • 22 AE

    Activity ceases from the Rogue Glitch Hivemind. Glitch Zodiac crusaders under the Salandar crest work with mercenaries and non-profits to restore order to the planet Armadia Primus B, determined to be the source of the rogue hivemind. They discover largely freed Glitch there, and it is determined that the Oracle must have somehow overpowered the Hivemind and released most of the native Glitch from its control. The Oracle's location is unknown.

    Avali society faces trouble and turmoil as the citizenry and the Oracle Cult demand the Oracle is recovered.

  • 23 AE

    Scoundrel activity increases in the fringe as the bandit leader Banjaxed leads assaults on a Township colony over the custody of the scoundrel boss's children, resulting in more Novakid deaths than in recent history, with mercenaries fighting on both sides. Banjaxed is ultimately successful in recovering his children, but his gang is dispersed. A bounty is still out for the former boss, though.

    The Avali State tacitly admits it may never recover the Oracle by taking long-term steps to reorganize administration of the State, in opposition of the Oracle Cult, which has declined steeply in power.

  • 24 AE

    An Apex wandering the fringe and claiming to be Big Ape is arrested by the Miniknog after trying to get support to overthrow the Apex Government.

    Rumors spread of strife and infighting among Peglaci Peacekeeper Ranks. This strife soon breaks out into a full scale war, with Exiles trying to gain support among the 'Verse against the authoritarian Peacekeepers and turn them from inside. The Peacekeepers are provided support by the USCM.

  • 25 AE (begins IRL date 1/1/2019)

  • 26 AE (begins IRL date 5/1/2019)

  • 27 AE (begins IRL date 9/1/2019)