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IG Name:Hondar-Ol
Race:Faunis (Mutant)
Racial Perks:PERKS HERE

ATTRIBUTES (3 + 1 Racial + 2 Comp Imbalance = stats must sum to 6 w/ Comp Imbalance at greenhorn)

Physical AttributesMental Attributes
STR: -1INT: -1
AGI: 4ALT: 2
VIT: 0WIL: 2
Life PointsInitiative

SKILLS (62 at greenhorn: 8 required + 54 free)

Athletics: +d6Influence: +d6Perception: +d6Knowledge: +d2
Dodge: +d10Bluffing: +d8Smelling: +d8
Hearing: +d8

SKILLED ONLY You must have a 2 or more to even attempt a roll
Mechanical Engineering:Medical Expertise:Scientific Expertise:Technical Engineering:

Explosive Munitions:Firearms:Melee Weapons: +d6Unarmed Combat:
Daggers: +d12
Whips: +d10

Covert: +d6Discipline: +d6Ranged Weaponry:Survival:
Stealth: +d10


Turret Gunner:In-Atmo Vehicle Piloting:Starship Pilot:


A Moment in Time (Major)
  • You’re exceptionally skilled at detaching yourself from your current circumstances. This might be from extensive training or practice or it could be in your nature to be able to compartmentalize emotional pain. In social interactions, it’s impossible for a watcher to gauge your reactions or your true feelings about anything, unless you want them to.

    [minor effect]:
    - When others use Empathy, Intuition or Instinct on you, add +2 to your Mental Resistance or Bluff roll.

    [major effects]:
    - Players without the Reader Asset auto-fail attempts to determine your emotions, unless you allow it. Empathy attempts fail unless you have Reader.
    - Players with Reader can still attempt Empathy. Your bonus is now +4 to Mental Resistance and Bluff against Empathy, and Intution, and bluff against Instinct.
    - Successful Intimidation, Interrogation, and Psychology checks against you can be temporarily resisted unless its a successful nat 20. This does not apply to seduction.
    - You do not immediately break down or go hysteric where any normal person would. Instead you can put off the debilitating effects of bad emotions for 4d4 turns, at the end of which you suffer the effects of intimidation/interrogation/psych rolls. If used to negate the effects of Traumatic Flashes or Phobia Major then you suffer a -8 skill roll penalty for 1d4 turns.
    -This can occur more than once per scenario after the 4d4 turns run out and a new hostile roll is used.
Animalistic (Major)
  • Either you took the genetic manipulation process to a dangerous and unethical extreme, or something went terribly, terribly wrong during your operation. One way or another, with you, the line between human and animal gets a little blurred.


    Given the rare nature of your modifications, you stick out like a sore thumb. You can disguise at a -4 penalty, but if not disguised you can be immediately recognized by anyone who has met you, seen an image of you, or heard a proper description of you before. In addition, you suffer a -4 penalty to all friendly Social Rolls except for Bluff.


    You're practically a mutant at this juncture. Physically, and even mentally you are close to being more animal than human. You can never hide your identity through acting, impersonation or any other manners of subterfuge.
    You might not be hideous looking, but you absolutely stand out. You may trigger phobias and traumatic flashes related to the creature you've been melded with, and you may even be attacked on sight-- as you are barely recognizable as a sentient race at first blush.

    *Cannot be taken with Memorable
    *Cannot be taken with Freak!
    *Approved by Zenith*
Sharp Senses (Major) { Smelling/Hearing }
  • You have an especially keen sense that is startlingly sharp and accurate. Select One of four Senses; Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell. (not sight, use Eagle Eye for that)

    [minor effect]:
    - Your chosen Perception/Sense gets a +2 Bonus.

    [major effect]:
    - You may select a second sense, and the bonus is increased to +4.
    - You may now use these specific senses to 'see' your surroundings, and do not suffer the usual blindness chance unless this sense and your eyes are put out of commission.
Illiterate Backbirth (Major)
  • You never learned to read properly. Could be it’s a result of your upbringing on some backwater rim-world or your early life on the streets in the blackout zones of the core planets or even a serious neurological problem.

    You can handle the very basics— writing your name, recognizing common words like street signs and place-names—but you’d never make it to the end of an article on GNN. You suffer a penalty of -2 to Knowledge Skills as well.

    You can’t recognize your own name. If you’re lucky, you can scratch an X on documents if someone points to the right spot. In addition to the above penalty increasing to a -4, you suffer -4 to all rolls within the 'Skilled Only' skill category due to your extreme lack of education.. you will never be able to grasp the concept of something better than someone who has done the bookwork on it and actually understands the intricacies involved.
Fleet of Foot (Minor)
  • Your feet dance like a leaf in the wind, watch yourself soar!

    [minor effect]:
    - +1W/2H/4R block movement, once per combat scenario you can hustle as a free action. You cannot hustle or run again in the same turn.

    [major effect]:
    - +2W/4H/8R block movement, once per combat scenario you can hustle as a free action.
    -In addition, once per combat scenario you may run as a half-action, though you may not hustle or run again in the same turn..
Scrawny (Major)
  • Minor:
    -You’re skinny and weak. You suffer a penalty of -2 to all skills that use the STR Mod (if you choose to use it in the case of multiple Stat Mods).
    -Your dc to be lifted is reduced by 5 (minimum dc 10)

    You’re the proverbial skin-and-bones. You look like your going to die if you don't eat something. The above penalty increases to -4 for any skills that use STR Mod, and in addition the penalty also extends to any skills that use the VIT Mod (meaning if you choose STR or VIT as the Mod for your skill in the case of multiple mods, you suffer a penalty of -4).
    -Your dc to be lifted is reduced by 10 (minimum dc 10)
In Plain Sight (Minor)
  • You have a tendency to fade into the background, avoid notice, or otherwise hide more effectively than most. Whether you make a living picking pockets in the streets an Apex city or you’re engaging in corporate espionage, being able to keep your whereabouts under wraps is a valuable Trait.

    [minor effect]:
    - You get a +2 bonus to: Camouflage, Stealth, Sleight of Hand.
    - You may roll once at the start of your covert action to set a DC that others must beat in order to perceive you for Camouflage, Stealth, and hiding weapons through Sleight of Hand. When someone perceives through this pre-roll, you may roll that skill again to try and beat them, but your highest roll only counts. You lose your pre-roll after you are revealed for any reason and must roll it again next time you wish to engage in that covert action.

    Do note that pre-rolls for sleight of hand only affect hiding weapons, not other sleight of hand actions.

    [major effect]:
    - This bonus is now increased to a +4.
Traumatic Flashes (Major)
  • Life would be a fair sight more convenient without the horrible dreams and visions that overtake you on occasion. These flashes might be residual memories of a traumatic incident from your past, messages from a disturbed conscience, or horrible recurring nightmares. Get with an RPE to determine if your triggers are viable.

    Designate two things as a trigger for your traumatic flashes; these episodes leave you incoherent, shaking, and screaming—rendering you incapable of action for d4 turns. You can attempt to resist falling helpless or break from your panic through an Influence/Morale skill check vs DC 15. People can attempt to break you out of your nightmare but must succeed a skill check of any friendly social skill roll vs DC 20.

    Designate two additional triggers for your traumatic flashes; you are rendered incapable of action for d4 turns when you witness one of these four triggers. It cannot be broken unless a player successfully beats a DC 40 skill check of any friendly social skill roll.
    Spoiler: TriggersShow
Fightin' Type (Minor) {Daggers/Whips}
  • You know how to handle yourself in almost any combat-type situation—whether it’s a rough-and-tumble brawl or a deadly shootin’ match.

    [minor effect]:
    - Pick two combat specialty skills; you get a +2 to these rolls when they are used in Combat. Cannot apply to Shield Blocking or Dodge, or Weightlift Grapple.

    [major effect]:
    - This bonus is now increased to +4 and you get to select another two combat specialty skills to receive this bonus as well (total 4).
Blind (Minor)
  • Could be you’ve been blind since birth or since a terrible accident. Either way, you have to rely on your remaining senses to get around. You might have a trained animal (Faithful Companion Asset) to assist you, though its training has limits and you are responsible for its care.

    You are nearly blind. You suffer a -4 to any action that involves sight.

    You are completely blind and cannot do any skill rolls involving eyesight such as Sight, Search or Investigation. You can fire a gun or swing a sword but unless you succeed a Perception Skill Check against a Target's Stealth Roll that same turn, you will always miss.
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