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Sudaki `
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IG Name:Sudaki
Rank:Rank 1
Racial Perks:Avians are less likely to be required to make endurance checks for continuous or strenuous movement actions (This is more restrictive than humans' physical actions). They are less likely take fall damage (fall damage resist table is moved to dc0 for 0-20 blocks, dc10 for 21-30 blocks, dc20 for 30-40 blocks)
ATTRIBUTES (3 + 1 racial = stats must sum to 4 at greenhorn)
Physical AttributesMental Attributes
STR: -1INT: 0
AGI: 2ALT: 3
VIT: -1WIL: 2
Life PointsInitiative
241 d20 +2 +2 +2
SKILLS (62 at greenhorn: 8 required + 54 free)
Athletics: +d6Influence: +d6Perception: +d6Knowledge: +d2
Dodge: d12Persuasion: d10Search: d12
Seduction: d8
SKILLED ONLY You must have a 2 or more to even attempt a roll
Mechanical Engineering:Medical Expertise:Scientific Expertise:Technical Engineering:
Explosive Munitions:Firearms:Melee Weapons:Unarmed Combat:
Covert: d6Discipline:Ranged Weaponry:d6Survival:
Stealth: d12Archery: d12
Turret Gunner:In-Atmo Vehicle Piloting:Starship Pilot:
Eagle eye [M]
  • [minor]:
    - You gain a +2 Bonus to Sight, Search and Tracking Skill Rolls.

    - This bonus is increased to a +4.
    - Weather and smoke (including cortex smoke bombs) do not automatically break your line of sight on a target, and you ignore the cover bonus these affects grant on your target. (Stealth/camo must be rolled against you). Distance limit on this affect subject to RPE discretion.
Shy [m]

  • Minor:
    You’re a wallflower, You have trouble talking to girls, guys, or sometimes even yourself. You become uncomfortable when you’re the center of attention, even when you really do have something important to tell the crowd. You must make an Influence/Morale or Discipline/Mental Resist or Concentration roll vs DC15 in order to not suffer a penalty of -2 to all skill rolls when around more than 4 other people. ('Around' is defined as being able to perceive them)
Trustworthy face [M]
  • [minor effect]:
    - You get a +2 to your Friendly Social Skill Rolls, NOT including Performances. Not applicable with coercion or intimidation. Does include bluffing.
    -In addition, those around you with Twitchy minor or Prejudice minor against you may be put at ease

    [major effect]:
    - This bonus is increased to a +4.
    - In addition, those around you with Twitchy min/maj or Prejudice min/maj against you may be put at ease
Uneducated [M]
  • Major:
    You suffer a penalty of -4 to all skill rolls that use the INT Stat Mod (if you use INT as the Stat Mod in the case of multiple Stat Mods)
In Plain Sight [m]
  • [minor effect]:
    - You get a +2 bonus to: Camouflage, Stealth, Sleight of Hand.
    - You may roll once at the start of your covert action to set a DC that others must beat in order to perceive you for Camouflage, Stealth, and hiding weapons through Sleight of Hand. When someone perceives through this pre-roll, you may roll that skill again to try and beat them, but your highest roll only counts. You lose your pre-roll after you are revealed for any reason and must roll it again next time you wish to engage in that covert action.

    Do note that pre-rolls for sleight of hand only affect hiding weapons, not other sleight of hand actions.
Wrong Place [M]
  • Major:
    - Plains and Tundra
    Select another Biome as your hazard (total two now); these places are a personal hell for you. You can hardly handle yourself in these environments. The above penalty increases to -2 when traversing them. You can change your hazards through contacting an RPE, but the fee is increased to two thousand, five hundred credits for any amount of changes to your selected biomes.
Lightning reflexes [m]
  • [minor effect]:
    - You gain a +2 bonus towards your Initiative and Dodge.
Second Class Citizen [m]
  • Minor:
    - Followers of Kluex
    Pick one Faction from your Race; this faction has a history of oppressing you or has ownership of you in some way or another. You suffer a penalty of -4 to resist all manners of social skill rolls from this Faction, hostile or friendly.
Mighty fine hat [m]
  • [minor effect]:
    - Signature Item, can be any mk3 armor, utility item, or weapon with any standard mods and standard penalties. Not asset/comp trinkets. You can raise it to mk5 with the item modification system.
    - If lost, removed, stolen, or destroyed, the item always finds its way back to you as an mk3 item after the current scenario ends and you return to a friendly-controlled territory. (RPE discretion. You can not use this to leave a gun at home, walk through a gun scanner and teleport it to yourself later, even if the scenario ends)
    -If you remove the asset, the item is either 'lost' or 'broken' and goes back to being an mk0 item.
    Spoiler: Show

    Paper Tiger [m]
  • Minor:
    You suffer a penalty of -4 to your Total Life Points.
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Sudaki `
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