A couple of days ago I read in the cortex about a great library located in Atic stand I.
Despite the journey´s cost and the fact that I am not very wealthy in fuel I did go and
payed a visit there. I cannot describe the feeling i got when I saw those sky high ligraries
covering almost every wall, every corner and altar...Apparently it was ,in the most, a glitch religious sanctuary... I also met one Glitch cultist who showed me the way to the library. Weirdly enough it refered to me as "Warm one"...How funny, possibly due to it or him or her? Sorry glitch cultist I cannot determine your gender...But the case is that possibly because of thermal readings from me... Really interesting, they seem to own multiple sensors and their form of communication differs from our language since they use a different structure expressing before every phrase how they feel and also, after it, the predominant reading they get from the individual they are talking to... I never got the chance to speak with a Glitch
before... What can I say except I am really interested in their anatomy...
Later, when walking through the gardens the rain got me and before I could even get under cover I was already shivering and my coat soaking wet. Apparently, in Atic stand I that is a constant weather phenomena...In Ceres, rain is something you could not see for a lifetime and I feel really lucky to had experienced it. Maybe I overdid myself a bit and stood too much under it...Anyway, I was able to warm up using the kitchen´s furnace heat. I did also meet with a guy with a prosthetic arm. His name was Hayden and he told me about it´s prothesis and the way he lost his arm. I guess he was a mercenary or a bounty hunter? I don´t know, he seemed nice. I hope I did not freak him out, it is hard to speak to new people when you don´t know about them... especially for me, unpleasant silence is something I tend to bring up almost in every conversation... Anyway, I did forget my translating device so... I had to read the binary code from the books... Even though , it was really fun. It feels weird to read literature as if it was programming ,somehow it felt funny, as if it was a massive hidden message covering every book´s page... which kind of defeats the purpose now that I think about it.
But in the end I am sure comming back to Seeker's Respite Library it was a great time, even though really expensive...